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The purpose of USMLEHelp Step 3 CCS is to help medical students and medical graduates quickly review the high-yield information for the USMLE Step 3.   We know it's a lot of information, but you can ace this exam with just this little book!  This book will allow you to quickly get an overview of the “hot-topics” that you most often quickly forget. 


This book is not intended to be a textbook in the traditional sense, but rather a quick reference and helpful overview for the top diseases that are tested on the USMLE Step 3. 


USMLEHelp Step 3 CCS was started in 2005, when the author was studying for her medical boards.  She kept a book of her “high-yield” topics, and eventually transferred them over to a computerized database of information.  This database was further expanded, updated and added to so you have the information you need.


  • Over 200 USMLE High Yield Step 3 topics, all on their own page.

  • What you have to know about the topic

  • Extra information, helpful tips, and those “by all means, don’t forget” tidbits of information.

  • Non-glossy paper, to prevent glare and eye strain during those late-night study marathons.

  • Place for your own notes on practically every page!

  • Spiral bound to stay open and flat on your desk.  You’ll never lose your page!


 We realize that we might have forgotten a topic that you feel is important.   Therefore, after every chapter, we have included 2 empty pages for you to fill out in the same format of the rest of the book.  You can access or online-database to see what others have listed!


There is more information, than the reader might initially think.  The person who knows the information in this book, is already on their way to a great USMLE Step 3 score! 


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